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Bombardier Aerospace announced the selection of Delastek as supplier for the CSeries

At the Quebec Aerospace Association’s Annual Convention, Bombardier Aerospace announced the selection of more than 20 Canadian suppliers for the CSeries and Learjet 85 aircraft programs, with Delastek as part of the select group. As such, after several years of hard work and determination, Delastek is proud to announce its partnership with Quebec-based Bombardier Aerospace for the CSeries project. The company, based in Grand-Mère (Quebec), now has the important, if not delicate, mission to deliver the integrated internal cockpit, a critical part of the aircraft. The mandate, however, is not limited to only creating a product for the CSeries, therefore Delastek will become intricately involved with the aircraft manufacturer’s operations. ʺWe interact with all departments at Bombardier,” explains Claude Lessard, President of Delastek. “We work within their walls. To develop the cockpit, we worked on-site for eight to nine months.ʺ. The arrival of this large-scale project meant that Delastek has had to adapt its operations.

The importance of hiring people who will put everything they’ve got towards the success of this adventure cannot be understated. Thanks to an investment of $9 million, sixty jobs will be created over the next five years. ʺThis is our biggest investment to dateʺ, admits Claude Lessard, President, who says that he ʺhas more in mindʺ by 2013. Furthermore, he feels that there is still room for expansion within the 88,000-square-foot Grand-Mère facility. Claude Lessard adds that ʺwe have invested heavily in systems, which are compatible with that of Bombardier, because we must work together on the aircraft’s electronic model. Whatever we modify has to be adapted.”