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DELASTEK is 25 years

It has been a long road since the creation of DELASTEK! The company, founded in 1984, took part in the technological turn in the early 1990s. To operate in the aerospace and transportation business, Delastek was initially engaged in calcoil manufacturing for paper thickness calibration.

DELASTEK's main progress is largely due to the company’s department of research and development engineering team, which works constantly on the elaboration of innovative products and turnkey solutions for their business partners. Furthermore, DELASTEK was able to make good deals at the right time, particularly through the acquisition of Technoplast, a company specialized in manufacturing composite parts, and also, by the addition of a production plant in Valcourt to stabilize its primary activities.

From year to year, DELASTEK continues to maintain a strong growth and to define its position as an integrator.  This is all thanks to the dedication and growing expertise of their employees and, their products and service quality guaranteed by the AS9100 certification. The synergy created by the techniques and the set up process (in particular the visual working instructions), the performances at the quality products level and of delivery deadlines, allowed, through the years, the addition of major customers and the sustainable partnerships.

Mr. Lessard mentions about the pursuit of his objectives: "with the experience acquired during the last 25 years, as well as the company’s sustained technological progress, the future of DELASTEK is from now on, set as an integrator. The integration will allow us to merge our areas of expertise and to provide high value-added products. Thus, we can propose turnkey solutions, as well as a personalized support, to our business partners. "